What is your fatfire number? Best retirement lifestyle

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Fatfire number? Huh! What’s that…?

Before you give me that look and start asking me questions about it, let us get into the topic.

Fatfire movement is one of the branches of FIRE (financial independence, retire early). If a person achieves the fat fire retirement stage, he /she never needs to think about returning to the working world anymore due to financial issues.

Fatfire retirement can set you up to live the best retirement life. Also among all the fire stages, the Fatfire stage is one of the hardest levels to reach. You know what, it takes more time to achieve than other traditional fire stages.

But in the end, those extra years you put in a job will be worth it once you reach the fat fire stage.

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What is your Fatfire number?

In the Lean fire stage, you can get into early retirement once your investment portfolio reaches 25X of your annual expenses. Even though you retire early, you got to keep your expenses to the bare minimum to make sure your investment portfolio lasts longer.

At the Lean fire stage, the couple will be making many compromises in their life like having no kids, living in a low-cost area, having no car, or driving an old car, etc.

People who feel “Less is more”, and pursue minimalism would be happy with a such great lifestyle. If you are an individual, who is not prepared for such a level of frugality, then you should probably consider the Fatfire option.

But in the Fatfire stage, there is no need for such lifestyle compromises. After all, we got one life to live. Why not live to the fullest?

That’s why you need the Fatfire retirement option.

How to calculate your Fatfire number?

On the internet various influencers say, If you are earning $100,000 per year from your investment portfolio of $2.5 million at a 4% withdrawal rate, then you have achieved Fatfire.

If you are single, living a luxurious life on $100,000 a year in any part of the globe would be feasible.

Will 100,000 dollars be enough for a family to live a quality life in high-cost cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc.?

You can live, but definitely not the best one. So considering this situation, to be on the conservative side I have calculated below for the Fatfire number.

Fatfire number = 100 X Annual expenses

Suppose, your house’s annual expenses are $50,000. Then your investment portfolio should be worth $5 million to achieve fat fire stage, also it generates $200,000 per year at a 4% safe withdrawal rate.

i.e. FatFire Number = 100 X $50,000

Result: USD 5 million.

Why Fatfire movement is great?

  • You can live in high-cost cities which means you can lot of options from great restaurants, awesome nightlife, superb hangout spots, good connectivity for transport, and better hospitals. In simple words, you can have a pretty comfortable life.
  • You can easily afford a Gold plan or Platinum plan for your health insurance which results in the best treatment at the best hospital.
  • You can also pay off kids’ college education fees. It provides them a great start for the next generation without the burden of student loans on their back.
  • If you are a foodie, You can dine out as you please at your favorite Italian cuisine or Japanese cuisine restaurants without burning your pocket.
  • You can take more vacations in a year and also plan your stay at decent hotels than staying at the hostel, couch surfing, or other budget-friendly options.
  • In the Fatfire stage, you can support your elderly parents without much trouble in your standard of living. At any given time, we always believe helping our parents is great.


Money doesn’t buy happiness, but Money buys comfort in life.

Money has very little to do with our happiness, but money has a lot to do with our comfort in life.

If you are a person who seeks comfort in life at your retirement, there is no savior like the Fatfire retirement stage.

Thank you for reading.

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