Create a life you don’t need a vacation from work

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The feeling when your vacation comes to an end is always heartbreaking. You simply hope for time to move slowly to extend the feel of being on vacation, Have you ever experienced that, but the time on vacation days gets over faster than any conventional day? Isn’t it?

What if I tell you that you have the solution in your hands to create a life you don’t need a vacation from work? You may ask me how? Please continue reading:)

What causes so much pain when you finally leave your vacation? Is it your separation from clear blue skies, Green mountains? Is it the taste of yummy seafood, or refreshing lemonade?

Or is it the stress-free environment created due to the absence of responsibilities and commitment? As humans, we are naturally averse to responsibility and commitment.

But being in an environment of constant work and commitment without much recovery (vacation) time causes us to live a less fulfilling life. This causes unhappiness and anxiety. It leads to comparing our lives with the ones on social media, which increases the feeling of unhappiness. 

In reality, you are trading off fifty weeks in a year towards responsibility and commitment, to get that two weeks of recovery time (vacation time).

Vacations give us refreshment and fulfillment, but it doesn’t need to be expensive and week-long. In the end, it is in your hands to create a life you don’t need a vacation from work.

build a life you don't need a vacation from
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We just need to make a few tweaks in our life to make our weekdays more smooth and enjoyable. I am ain’t no life expert or life coach, Just an ordinary guy who would like to share a few methods which had worked for me.

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5 Ways to Create a life you don’t need a vacation from work:

Mini vacations:

Vacations don’t always need to be week long, there is no rules or tag applied for vacation.

Instead of a traditional week-long vacation, how about trying Mini-Vacation? (Outings)

Mini vacations will last from two hours to five hours.

What you do on a vacation can be done in a mini vacation but in a fragmented manner. It could be cooking a dish you never cooked before, barbequing, visiting the planetarium, cycling with your loved ones around a lake or park, going to a local coffee shop, etc.

You don’t need to wait until the weekend, or your boss’s approval to take two hours mini vacation, it can be done on weekdays too. Just a little bit of planning is enough.

In this way, you don’t need to take leaves from your job. This is the first step to create a life that you don’t need a vacation from work.

Getting involved in activities gives us refreshment and fulfillment, you won’t get that when you binge on Netflix.

Invest in sleep:

We spend one-third of our lives in sleep, it is so important to make it worthwhile.

Investing in a good mattress and comforter will help you have a good quality of sleep.

I am sure we all fall in love with the beds in your vacation hotel room because of their comfort, you don’t need to wait for a holiday to enjoy such beds.

Having quality sleep alleviates good mood, improves your health, slows your age, etc.

Six months ago, My spouse and I invested a sizable amount to buy a good quality mattress and comforter which helped us improve our quality of sleep, and erased back pain completely.

Having a thick comforter is perfect for people with anxiety, it will help you calm down and feel more relaxed so you can have an easier time falling asleep.

This is the second step to create a life that you don’t need a vacation from work.

Leave work at the workplace:

In an era of the Knowledge worker, people frequently bring a few pending tasks of their workday to home. It could be attending meetings, sending emails, preparing proposals, etc.

In the worst-case scenario, You can’t stop checking your email on your mobile.

Though you have reached home physically and mentally you are still present in the workplace. It may cause strain in your relationship with your partner because you are bringing in the mood of the workplace to home. Not every day is going to be great and fun at the workplace right?

Finish your work at the workplace by practicing deep work, taking fewer breaks, avoiding in participation of office gossip, etc. Another way is to leave laptop at your workplace if your employer allows you to do so.

After your work, engage in a fun activity by Joining a group or class. It could be dance class, martial arts, cycling, bowling. Whatever activity you might plan to do, but make it a physical activity. This fills up the void time in the evening and avoids bringing work home.

This is the third step to create a life you don’t need a vacation from work.

Practice Giving:

Giving is certainly not confined to ” Just Giving Alms”. Though giving alms has a positive impact on others’ life & your heart too.

Giving emotionally to others makes us refreshed. Have you ever wondered why parents, and elders are happy while being around a newborn child? They are giving love, Kiss , hugs etc.

When you practice giving to spouse by getting flowers after your work day, saying ” Love you”, buying cards. It brings immense joy in both giver and the receiver.

Invest in a relationship and the dividends it produces in happiness can’t be matched with income, status or material possession.

At the end of the day , all we long for is “To love and to be loved”.

Less is more:

Practice minimalism. Surely Minimalism is a great way to improve our well being.

Gone are the days people run after stuffs and possessions , now people want freedom and enjoyment.

All the advertisers are shouting from the rooftop ” More stuffs will make you happy”. More stuffs will make us worried and confused.

You could have experienced it, when your wardrobe is full & you were unable to decide what to wear for the evening party or get together.

Having less stuffs will bring more fulfillment and reduces lot of work in cleaning, maintain and storing.

Final Thoughts:

We should not make our life enjoyable only during vacations.

It is in your very own hands to make each and each every single day well lived.

To build a life you don’t need a vacation from work , all you need to make few thoughtful changes. When you do that, every Monday will start excites you because of the time you are going to spend with and what for.

Please do let me know in comments your experience & thoughts on create a life you don’t need a vacation from work.

Thank you for reading! See you at the next post.


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