Create a life you don’t need a vacation from work

Create a life you don't need a vacation from

The feeling when your vacation comes to an end is always heartbreaking. You simply hope for time to move slowly to extend the feel of being on vacation, Have you ever experienced that, but the time on vacation days gets over faster than any conventional day? Isn’t it? What if I tell you that you … Read more

What is nifty next 50 index fund?

Nifty next 50 index fund

If a cricketer aspires to play for the Indian cricket team, he or she should have performed well in Ranji Trophy matches. Based on his past achievements, he or she gets selected to play for the main Indian cricket team. Stocks in the Nifty next 50 index fund category are similar to the player who … Read more

10 Top companies in India by Market capitalisation

top companies in india by market capitalisation

This blog post discusses the 10 top companies in India by market capitalisation, the Industry they operate, the brands they sell, and who owns the company. How do we decide they are the top 10 companies? By Market Cap or Market capitalization. What is Market Capitalisation? Market Capitalization stands for the total market value of … Read more

Top amc in india by AUM

top amc in india by aum

Mutual funds Sahi Hai! This slogan you must have heard in ads in between IPL matches or seen on billboards of bus terminals. Before you get into the details, this blog post is about the overview of the top amc in India by AUM as of today. What is AMC? AMC stands for “asset management … Read more

What is midcap stocks in India?

what is midcap stocks in india

What is midcap stocks in India? Midcap category stocks fall in between large-cap stocks and small-cap stocks. Usually, midcap stocks have an average market capitalization of 5,000 Cr – 20,000 Cr. The term market capitalization is computed by multiplying the number of outstanding shares in a company by the value of each share. Market cap … Read more

Rule of 80 20: How it helps you to make a solid budget?

rule of 80 20

Rule of 80 20? Do you mean the Pareto principle? No, I did not mean that. But the Rule of 80-20 is a spin-off version of the 50/30/20 rule. If you ever have trouble with the 50/30/20 rule or you are looking more simplified version of budgeting, Then the rule of 80-20 budget is a … Read more

The 50/30/20 rule : Will it break your early retirement dream?

the 50/30/20 rule

Budgeting can be daunting;  Especially, when you are starting! You may not know how to begin. How to end? Is this the right way of doing it? Many Self-doubt rises within us. In pursuit of the perfect budget plan, you may wear yourself out. In fact, Budgeting is never meant to be complicated. Most of … Read more

Medium term goals: Learn how system helps you to achieve

medium term goals

Can Medium term goals change your life? Hell No! But there are a few principles that help you to crush your goals & potential to change your life. Please read further… On the 31st of December evening, A 30-year-old man sits on his rooftop and reflects on the year passed by, he realizes that never … Read more

The 4 Types of Wealth

types of wealth

Are you a person who considers wealth as one-dimensional? If yes, no worries. Most people consider wealth as something measurable or tangible. The truth is other types of wealth play a crucial role in determining the quality of the life we live. It’s easier to say whether your neighbor is richer or poorer than you. … Read more