13 tips for frugal living to try in 2023

tips for frugal living

Adopting frugal living offers many benefits! But living frugally has its own consequences. It comes as a package – Eg: Not living life insight of others, not embracing YOLO, but your view may differ and see it as the foundation to have a good life later on. The moment I started to adopt principles of … Read more

Awesome 9.5 decade returns of the S&P 500

returns of the S&P 500

  History of the S&P 500 Index: The S&P 500 which is an acronym for Standard and Poor’s Composition was introduced in 1957 as a stock market index to track the value of 500 corporations that are listed in the US stock market. This index was launched on March 4th, 1957 and it consists of … Read more

3 tips to know your want vs needs to reach financial freedom

want vs needs

Do you struggle with your finances? Understanding the difference between needs and wants can be a crucial step toward achieving financial freedom. In this guide, we’ll provide useful tips on how to identify your priorities and make the most of your resources to secure a more stable financial future. Determine your want vs needs One … Read more

5 Massive stock market crash in India

stock market crash

Stock market is a volatile place, It never moves in a straight line, some days its goes up and other day it goes down. What cause these movements? I must say more than rationality its people’s greed and fear cause the massive volatility , daily fluctuations. How a man emotions varies from time to time … Read more

How Warren Buffett advice stands true in 2023?

warrenbuffett investment advice

As a beginner, you may tend to look for investment advice from your friends’ circle, colleagues, etc. We also look for stock investment advice on news channels, the internet, stockbrokers, etc. How about lending your ears to Warren buffet advice? Warren Buffett proved himself in the investment world for several decades together. There is no … Read more

Magic of coffee can investing


Coffee can investing is known for selecting a company and investing in it for a long term, Its more of a “Buy & forget” strategy rather than calling it as a “Buy & Hold”. Do you know how the coffee can investing started ? what is the selection criteria to form a coffee can investing … Read more

russell 3000 vs s&p 500 : which index made you big money?

russell 3000 vs s&p 500

Russell 3000 vs s&p 500 index Since the passive investment strategy is spreading among individual investors like wildfire. This article covers on the major stock indexes & their performance, top holding companies, industry composition, etc. I hope this article provides you with helpful insights. As you read keep in mind that you can’t directly invest … Read more

My Finances – September savings

Welcome to My Finances! This is my ninth-month update since I started this page. The purpose of sharing these numbers is to show how a small sum of consistent investment can compound over a period of time. I got inspired by the blogger a purple life who shares spending & numbers on her blog. In … Read more

The Shockingly simple math behind early retirement

The Shockingly simple math behind early retirement is popularized by veteran blogger Mr. Money Mustache. You can check out his article here shockingly-simple-math-behind-early-retirement. WHAT IS SHOCKINGLY SIMPLE MATH? Shockingly simple math tells you how many years it takes to achieve early retirement. It is purely based on one single factor. Your Savings percentage rate! Few … Read more

5 accurate reasons why trust the process change your money life

trust the process

“Trust the process” is a bit of advice you might have heard from a lot of people. Though we keep hearing, it doesn’t mean we get it & apply it in our life. Because we live in a world where results are glorified. People pay too much attention to getting results, Quick results are even … Read more