Coke stocks: 3 great investment advice from warren buffett.

investment advice from warren buffett

One fine day in 1937, A grandfather who was a grocery store owner was approached by his 7-year-old grandson for a business deal to sell soft drinks aka carbonated drinks for the people who sit on their lawn to cool off the heat. Remember, this was a time when no Air conditioning was invented. So … Read more

13 tips for frugal living to try in 2023

tips for frugal living

Adopting frugal living offers many benefits! But living frugally has its own consequences. It comes as a package – Eg: Not living life insight of others, not embracing YOLO, but your view may differ and see it as the foundation to have a good life later on. The moment I started to adopt principles of … Read more

Difference between retirement versus pension

retirement versus pension

Introduction: I used to think retirement from work and pension are the same. But I was wrong! Since both retirement and pension lead to the same result ” Stop working”, we might be mistaken in our thinking that both are the same. Retirement and pension aren’t the same and they have their dynamics and characteristics … Read more

My Finances – May 2023 Update

Welcome to My Finances! This is my 5th-month update since I started this page. The purpose of sharing these numbers is to get out of debt and become debt free as early as possible. The debt payoff method used is the avalanche repayment method. I got inspired by the blogger a purple life who shares … Read more

How I paid off my credit card debt in 6 months?

how i paid off my credit card debt

Are you struggling with credit card debt? Are you getting tired of paying off your minimum payments? Do the payments of credit cards quickly take away your peace of mind? Don’t worry! I was in your shoes 6 months ago, But today my credit card debt is NIL. Here is the proof in the below … Read more