Why should you use Dave Ramsey method to save money

dave ramsey method

If you are thinking, why should you use the Dave Ramsey method? First of all, let us understand who is he and why Dave Ramsey snowball method works to get rid of debt. Who is Dave Ramsey? Dave Ramsey is a celebrity who speaks on a Dave Ramsey radio show, and podcast. His listeners mostly … Read more

How to save on interest ? snowball vs avalanche calculator

snowball vs avalanche calculator

Paying off your debt can’t be easy at all. Whether it’s a rainy day or a sunny day, the minimum payments simply don’t care. The only way to escape from this cruelty is to pay off your debt as fast as possible. The two popular methods of paying off your debts are: Debt snowball method … Read more

My Finances – Jan 2023

my finances

Welcome to My finances First of all, wish you a very happy new year! I believe this year going to awesome, can’t wait to see what’s it has for you all:) Investments My Mutual fund holdings are primarily index funds, tax-saving funds, and 1 active small-cap fund. Much of stock holdings are less than a … Read more

What is your fatfire number? Best retirement lifestyle

Fatfire number

Fatfire number? Huh! What’s that…? Before you give me that look and start asking me questions about it, let us get into the topic. Fatfire movement is one of the branches of FIRE (financial independence, retire early). If a person achieves the fat fire retirement stage, he /she never needs to think about returning to … Read more

Lean fire: 3 barrier to consider before you retire

lean fire

The internet is filled with “FIRE”. Thanks to social media influencers. FIRE stands for financial independence and retiring early. Although, FIRE has evolved into various stages like coast fire, fat fire, etc. Lean fire is the stage that we have covered in this article. What is lean fire? Lean fire is a stage where your … Read more