FireCalc retirement calculator to FIre guys

firecalc retirement calculator

If you are an adherent follower of FIRE movement, chances are very slim that you did not hear about the 4% withdrawal rule. Have you heard about firecalc? In 4% withdrawal rule, research study supports once you accumulate 25X of your annual expense you don’t need to worry about money to maintain your current lifestyle. … Read more

Shocking results of Robkirby coffee can investing strategy


Good Investing is more than the constant culture of buying and selling of shares in stock market. Many mighty investors have contributed for “Buy and hold” strategy and long term holding of shares, one among them is Robkirby coffee can investing. Coffee can investing strategy came into birth when the wife of his deceased client … Read more

How to become a financial genius – 15 Tricks

Become a financial genius

Schools and colleges will help you to become a genius in Mathematics or science! A student’s brilliance is reflected in the grades he/she gets. You might be great at Calculus or algebra. But it has nothing to do with when it comes to managing your finances. Having the highest education or degrees does not equate … Read more

How to invest like warren buffett on recession

Warren Buffett on recession

In 2009 economic downturn , warren buffett bought BNSF for 44 billion dollars , now its hovering around 150 billion in valuation, earns 24 billion dollars in revenue. Is warren buffett not paying attention to predictions (guesses!) of economic experts. Why warren is not doing what everyone is doing by selling the shares and safe … Read more

Please don’t invest in stock market if you are…

Stock market is a terrible place to be in and bet, many people lost their hard earned fortune in crashes, wrong selection of stocks. Its crazily driven by emotions and panic, war, bubbles, news, inflation, recession, expert views … what not? Nothing is certain here. so don’t invest in stock market. Its not entirely true, … Read more