Why emergency fund is important than investing?

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I used to give a little thought about emergency fund. Never consider having emergency fund is important. It could be a confidence that nothing will strike me. I always focused on investing and growing wealth. Who cares to have emergency fund? Such a boring thing to do. Not as exciting or thrilling as researching stock … Read more

5 Massive stock market crash in India

stock market crash

Stock market is a volatile place, It never moves in a straight line, some days its goes up and other day it goes down. What cause these movements? I must say more than rationality its people’s greed and fear cause the massive volatility , daily fluctuations. How a man emotions varies from time to time … Read more

This 1 DIVIDEND paying stocks in india can make you rich

dividend paying stocks in india

Indian tobacco corporation is one of the high dividend paying stocks in India. There are a very few handful of companies that are century-old and listed in the Indian share market. One among them is ITC limited. This conglomerate is headquartered in Kolkata. ITC was established in 1910 as Imperial tobacco company and renamed as India … Read more