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Nifty next 50 index return since inception
Nifty next 50 returns since inception
If a cricketer aspires to play for Indian cricket team, he or she should have performed well in Ranji Trophy matches. Based on his past achievements , he or she gets selected to play… Read More
Become a financial genius
15 ways to become a financial genius
Schools and colleges will help you to become a genius in Mathematics or science! A student brilliance is reflected on the grades he/she gets. In the united states, the literacy rate… Read More
Build a life you don’t need a vacation from work
The feeling when your vacation coming to an end is always heart breaking. You simply hope for time to move slow to extend the feel of being on vacation , but the time at vacation days… Read More
Nifty 50 index return since inception
Nifty 50 index return since inception
Nifty 50 index is an Indian stock market index composed of top 50 companies based on their free-float market capital. What is Nifty 50? Nifty 50 Index is a benchmark of Indian stock… Read More
The Shockingly simple math behind early retirement
The Shockingly simple math behind early retirement is popularized by veteran blogger Mr. Money Mustache. You can check out his article here shockingly-simple-math-behind-early-retirement…. Read More
FireCalc: An interesting retirement calculator tool
If you are an adherent follower of FIRE movement, chances are less that you did not hear about the 4% withdrawal rule. By withdrawing 4% (which is equivalent to your annual expense)… Read More